Where I live

Quite a few people have been interested in not just what I’ve been doing and my opinion but also the facts of where I am and what’s what.

This post is only going to be a short one but I wanted to show you where I live.

So I live in one of 8 buildings owned by the school. These buildings have two ‘bedrooms’, a ‘living room’ and a bathroom and toilet. They are meant to be accommodation for teachers but unfortunately the school is still being built despite being a government funded school for the last 4 years or so. This means there are no currently on buildings for the school administration, rooms for the women boarding students or science laboratory so several of the buildings have been converted into these purposes.

The front of my house. I have a porch where I wash and dry my clothes by hand. The window on the right is the library, the window on the left is my room.

That means there aren’t enough rooms for the teachers to live so it was decided that no teachers would live there yet. That said, two women called Emelia and Doreen do live here as they are in charge of the women boarding students. There was one building remaining – although the ‘living room’ is actually the school library, I was able to live in one of the two rooms.

My room and building, as you can see, seems to be actually pretty good condition. Unsurprisingly though most of this is just fairly superficial:

  • The wood used for the doors and door frames is incredibly rough and often slightly warped – if you get the angle right you can see between or though them.
  • Several of the tiles are cracked and the grouting has been tunneled through by ants, so I have ants in my room.
  • The shower head doesn’t work so I’m still washing out of a bucket.
  • The toilet now flushes, but there is a leaking pipe somewhere under the tiles so the floor of the toilet is constantly wet.
  • The door handles and keys of my doors sometimes don’t work correctly, making it hard to shut, lock or open them all the time.
  • I have an actual bed, but the foam mattress is quite soft and so most nights I have to shift sides as it compresses and I end up feeling the slats the mattress is supported by.

Anyway, none of these issues are in themselves a problem, and even added together they aren’t really an issue. This is just how things are.

In fact, this is pretty good as far as things could be and are for others. For example, the Junior High School I am teaching ICT at in Yabraso also has some school housing for teachers, but it is no where near the same.

The equivalent teachers accommodation in Yabraso.

So this is where I live. How interesting.


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