The Rain is coming!

I’m slowing down on my posts as I’m trying to spend more time with other people in the afternoons and evenings, kind of like I was tonight.

Tonight is a good example: after supper I was sitting with madam Emelia, the house mistress, just chilling out and chatting while she, a few boarding students, and her sister were cooking some food for the boarding students for tomorrow and also this really delicious drink made from a dried purple flower, ginger, chilli, pineapple, vanilla and sugar. Yum!

It’s a fun and relaxed atmosphere – the power is going on and off, there is some lightening in the distance, we’re chatting and laughing, there’s a praying mantis on the wall and a frog in a bottle. Lovely.

All of a sudden the wind picks up and everyone starts running around packing up, putting fires out.. Emelia says ‘Ben! Get in, the Rain is coming!’

I grab my shoes and start to move into her house to which I’m told ‘no, the Rain is coming,  get into your own house!’

Sensing the urgency, I grab my shoes and run to my house. I can hear the Rain coming!

Reaching my house just 4 metres away my heart is pounding slightly but I am safe – I’m dry.

Standing on the porch, the power still off, I was wrong, the Rain hasn’t come yet. But it will. The wind is still up.

The Rain is coming. The Rain…


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