I wash with rain water

I learnt recently that all the water we use is just rain water collected off the roofs in big barrels during the thunderstorms every day or two. I don’t mean drinking water – this you can buy at 2cd (30p) for 15 litres, instead I mean the water we use for everything else.

Now currently it’s the wet season so collecting water isn’t a problem, but when I asked Rufus, my friend the maths teacher (he’s in the middle of building his house and has no electricity) what he’s going to do for water come the dry season, he just did this little laugh and said it’s much harder.

At the moment I’ve got a big bin in my house filled with water I can draw buckets from when I want to wash or flush the loo. It is filled by the boarding students under direction of either Titus, the senior house master, or madam Emelia, who is in charge of the female boarding students.

I’ve tried doing it myself, but when ever I ask where I can do it from, they just send a student instead.

So yes, right now I wash in rain water collected from thunderstorms, stored in barrels and bins.

When the dry season comes this will change, I imagine to water from hand pumps, but the only pumps I’ve seen so far are in Nsawkaw, a 15 min walk away.


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