Hello World!

Well here it goes, my first ever blog post.

I have to admit when I set this up I surprised myself – this is  not something I thought I’d ever do in a million years, I always thought I’d never have the desire, the capacity or plain interest in starting up a blog, but actually coming out to Ghana and seeing everything I’ve seen in even less than a week has made me realise there is just so much going on that is strange, and different, and curious, and interesting, that I want to keep track of it and have a record of it and just plain want to share it! Consider this my digital version of tugging on your sleeve while pointing and making “ohh, Ohh” noises….

Originally this was a toss up between a blog and just keeping a written account and sending out occasional emails, but I guess that changed when I realised how much there was I wanted to share and exclaim about. The final thing that swayed it was I guess, all the people who wanted to hear how I’ll be doing, and so, although this is for me and will cover not just (i hope) my time in Ghana, it is also for you – the people important in my life; the people who are interested in my volunteering in a school in Ghana, and also I guess; the people I don’t know but who happened to stumble upon this blog by happenstance anyway.

And let me tell you, you better bloody well appreciate it even just a little bit as it was a bitch setting this up on just a phone and will be one blogging on just a phone for the next year, let me tell you! 😉

So yes, this is for all of you as much as it is for me, so hello world indeed!


3 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Wonderful Ben, thanks for sharing! If you have a recent-ish phone and a moderate signal, you should be able to use the microphone button on the keypad to record voice to text. That may help eliviate with the tedious typing on a phone! (If no mic icon, install a new keyboard app, that may help – Android)


    1. Hi Dan, thanks for the tip, I’ve tried the mic and its fun and slightly quicker, but mines still not perfect so i need to go back to edit it, but I agree, it does eliviate the tedious typing!


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